Here Are Seven (7) Reasons to Retain Us:

1. Immediate Service

Our hotline (412.780.0008) is attorney answered. Our civil litigation lawyers answer your questions and make you feel comfortable as we explain your rights. This allows us to "hit the ground running" with solid representation.


2. Partner Level Experience 

Our 12 lawyers are experienced counselors who have worked extensively in various specialties. Our lawyers are not a "jack of all trades." We know civil litigation. Click here to read our independent reviews.  Each has significant experience in any given area, such as injury law, commercial litigation, non-competes, contract law, mechanic's lien issues, construction law, and even defending bad check claims.


3. Honesty  

We give an honest appraisal of the evidence in your case to evaluate how a judge or jury will view the same, which does two things:  it will save your time and help us guide our investigation to gather additional evidence, when possible.  Then, we tell you from experience exactly how much time and effort your case will require, which will give you peace of mind.


4. Aggressive Representation

We are tough, smart lawyers, who look for creative solutions to problems.  We have had success in cases declined by other lawyers because we are relentless, determined, and insightful, to find overcome obstacles to protect your rights.   Click here to read what our clients had to say.


5. Reasonable Fees

Certain injury cases and claims for damage to property are handled on a contingency fee; most other cases are handled for a reasonable hourly fee or a flat fee.  We only charge for the services you need.  We customize our legal plan to fit your budget.  Litigation can be a "war of attrition," such that, you often win the "war" (or leverage a favorable settlement early on) by simply having representation that is extremely efficient and able to keep you in in cost-effectively. Click here to learn more about our fees.


6. Thoughtful Guidance and Counsel  

We are thoughtful counselors, who bring to law diverse background experience.  Some of us are educators, artists, entrepreneurs, and former construction contractors.  We advise clients on a range of technical legal issues to practical guidance. Many clients think of us as their attorney and friend.


7. Results

Our focus is on results.  We pride ourselves on making every client come out ahead, and not just break even.  In fact, we do not consider taking your case unless we believe we can significantly improve your position. Click here to read about our successes and accomplishments.





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