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Talk to a living, breathing, and highly experienced lawyer for free. Our lawyers answer a couple of questions for free over the phone.

Contingency Representation

In certain instances, we do not charge an hourly fee and, instead, seek as our a fee a portion of the money you recover in your claim or lawsuit. This typically occurs where you are seeking a significant financial recovery for an injury or breach of an agreement (construction law, debt collection, etc.), where the opposing party has money or insurance to pay you.

In some instances, we do a “blended agreement,” where the agreement is part hourly, and part contingency.  This occurs where there is significant (higher than normal) risk of you/us not recovering any money relative to your claim. Sometimes it makes sense to share the risk, such that the lawyer gets paid something hourly (not the usual hourly rate of $200/hr.) but instead gets paid only $100/hr., and also gets a portion of any money recovered in the lawsuit or claim.

These things are best explained in person or over the phone. Call any time for more information.

Pointing You in The Right Direction

We learn enough about your legal matter to quote you a good faith estimate to review your matter in greater detail. The detailed review is extremely important, because from that, we generate a customized litigation plan to save your time and money over the long haul.

You Only Pay For The Services You Need

We handle many matters for a flat fee, which caps fees so you are not watching the clock as we assist you to avoid additional charges.  We also offer hourly representation, but we give you an estimate in advance of what each stage of representation will cost. So for example, we will tell you how many hours it will likely take to review your case in detail and generate a litigation plan, then we estimate the amount of hours of time in stages, so you’re not paying for all of it upfront. You only pay for the services you need. 95% of cases settle prior to trial, so each stage of litigation presents an opportunity to resolve the matter in your favor.

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